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Indivipro is an international wholesaler and importer of Nature Deco and Lutron and has its own workshop. By several designers, including Marcel Wolterinck and Francois Hannes, they have had a number of exclusive fabrics designed. For the vast majority of the curtain collection they work together with a famous Italian weaving company that almost exclusively serves the top segment brands like Missoni and Armani are of this house.

In the field of windows decoration, they can completely unburden architects and designers. With the production in their own workshop and team of specialized people, they can realize any project at home or abroad for you. Customization is the big strenght of Indivipro. They have gained experience over the past 10 years for partners such as Piet Boon and Eric Kuster.



Carpetlinq, part of Indivipro, was founded in 2014 and offers a wide range of carpets. In the field of carpets, Carpetlinq has collaborated with various Dutch interior designers like Bertram BeerbaumGrand & Johnson, François Hannes en Alphenberg.

Almost all of our carpets are custom-made in the Netherlands. Modern technologies go hand in hand with the traditional methods, which ensure that Carpetlinq can decorate any interior with a unique rug or carpet.

The complete collection of Carpetlinq can be found on this website and in our pricelist. You can also view current prices in this pricelist.

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Below a selection of projects we realized on behalf of various Dutch top designers.

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