RISE by Piet Boon


Calm and harmonious

As enrichment of the Studio Piet Boon living experience, Piet Boon and Carpetlinq introduce a collection of luxury rugs with a distinctive Piet Boon signature: RISE. The carpets are distinguished by their unique Piet Boon KLINK and KEKKE shape and the fading in colors and materials, so that each carpet is provided with an exciting subtle frame.

The generous dimensions of the carpets make every living space a calm and harmonious whole. In addition to the KLINK and KEKKE form, the collection also offers a round and rectangular variant. Piet Boon by Carpetlinq is made of durable and user-friendly wool and luxurious woolsilk that has the subtle shine of silk. The collection consists of five subdued colors, each consisting of a combination of two ton-sur-ton shades which fits perfectly with other Piet Boon products. The fading of colors and materials provides each carpet with a unique and luxurious look.